DiverCity Lens
Alfred E. Smith Career & Technical High School, Evan Schwartz/Principal, Isabel Aristy & Jose Contreras/Art Teachers 


We believe DiverCity Lens gives students throughout the city an amazing opportunity to engage in a program where they can use their talent in a way that motivates and inspires them to share stories through photographs. In addition, the program helps students understand how impactful one photo can be.

Rocky Road/Alexander Campos/Inwood, New York/October, 2019 12th Grade/Alfred E. Smith CTE High School/Jose Contreras Living in New York City can get very hectic at times. Knowing that youre almost always in a rush to get someplace doesnt allow you to enjoy nature to its fullest extent. Being able to balance the city lifestyle with nature can be very important for anyones wellbeing.
Ship Haven/Justin Falkowski/Brooklyn/ November 2019 11th Grade/Alfred E. Smith CTE High School/Isabel Aristy & Jose Contreras Friends are my safe haven. They allow me to escape the chaos at home and all the things that I worry and stress about.
Frozen Lakes/Kevin Iglesia/ Central Park/2019 11th Grade/Alfred E. Smith CTE High School/Jose Contreras Solitude gives a sense of sanctuary because you become untouchable.
Sunsets of Solitude/ Kiana Pijuan/ Coney Island, Brooklyn/ February 2019 11th Grade/Alfred E. Smith CTE High School/Isabel Aristy & Jose Contreras I like to go to places where its quiet, peaceful, and has nice scenery. There are times when I want my own moments of solitude to spend time with myself and to get away from everything, just to relax and think about anything and everything.
Isabel Aristy/Cancun, Mexico/August 2019 Alfred E. Smith CTE High School/Art Teacher My family decided to take a family vacation after we lost my grandmother in June. Coping felt as if I was trying to breathe underwater. As we sat by the beach watching my younger cousins, I realized my grandmother lives on through me and the future generations of my family. In that moment I finally was able to breathe.
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