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Susan E. Wagner High School, David A. Cugini/PrincipalAlishia Neckin/Visual Arts Educator

I enjoy challenging my students with complex questions that fuel their ideas. The students explored the meaning of Sanctuary and discussed how that relates to their perspectives and their lives. It gave them an avenue to express what is important to them. I was inspired listening to the students’ stories, feelings and experiences, and this gave me a deeper understanding of each student. In addition, this topic helped the diverse populations in my classes gain more respect for each other’s ideas and thoughts.


Tottenville High School, Mr. Joseph Scarmato/Principal Katherine Murphy/Visual Arts Teacher 

Having the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with my colleagues about our students makes this photography program so special. It is always interesting to see and hear other people’s perspectives. This photography catalogue gives students the opportunity to communicate their ideas through imagery. This is extremely powerful.

Self-Reflection/Connor Anderson/PS 29/2020 10th Grade/Susan E. Wagner High School/Alishia Neckin People see the same puddle, but it conveys different feeling, and everyone has their own interpretation. Some see the reflection of a random school, but others see memories of a time in their childhood. Some may feel happy, sad, or maybe even overwhelmed by emotion. Regardless, everyone is observing the same puddle and seeing different reflections.
Superman/Katrell Mack/Gym/2019 10th Grade/Susan E. Wagner High School/Alishia Neckin At the gym, people feel they are at peace. They are living a healthy lifestyle to create an outer image they are comfortable with. The hard work and sweat proves the determination people have to be better, to become free, and let go of the struggles that hold them down.
In the Face of God/Youssef Mohamed/Mosque 2019 11th Grade/Susan E. Wagner High School/Alishia Neckin Praying in a mosque, kneeling on the rug with his face to the ground. This is a routine in Islam, when at the mosque, feeling free and connected to God.
Where I Belong/Natalie Wong/NYC 2019 12th Grade/Susan E. Wagner High School/Alishia Neckin A sanctuary is a safe place surrounded by love and support. Dreams are achievable leading to great pride and a better life filled with opportunities.
Exuberant Nature/Alishia Neckin/Visual Arts Teacher Playground 2019/Susan E. Wagner High School Not typical, long nights screaming out of control. Calm sets in from the outside. No matter temperature, time, weather calm and happiness is found. Outdoors is a playground no matter where it takes him.
Privacy/Jenna Abramson/ Staten Island/2020 11th Grade/Tottenville High School/ Katherine Murphy An unlikely place of safety. Quiet from the crowd. A good spot to be alone.
Countdown/Matthew Aviles/ Staten Island/2020 12th Grade/Tottenville High School/ Katherine Murphy The time is 8:34. Only minutes before I have to leave the house and enter the prying eyes of my peers. What they will think of me will never be known, but it feels as if the looks they give me tell the whole story.
Chasing the Clouds/ Christopher Fouad/ Staten Island/2020 11th Grade/Tottenville High School/ Katherine Murphy When you ride, you leave everything behind. When you stop, you come back to reality. All the rough patches show but you continue to ride. The clouds pull you forward, the sun shines, and the wind flows.
Mood Swings/Austin Phillips/Staten Island/2020 12th Grade/Tottenville High School/Katherine Murphy MOOD + MEMORY + MUSIC. A space where my memories collide with my mood. A place where I enjoy my food.
Evelyn/Katherine Murphy/ Art Teacher Staten Island/2020/ Tottenville High School My baby. My baby. My baby. Two almost three. Holding on, holding on to every second. Curled up like a baby but getting oh so big. Time has never felt as fleeting as now. Every moment is gold.
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